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I was reading the feedback of previous people that got the FREE software & it dawned on me that they are a bunch of bitchy-petulant children that are not interested in the "reasons" behind your site - they are seemingly JUST interested in either having the most, all be it ridiculous, comments - or they are just typing to see if they make the list! What does having ""cheaper" do to IMPROVE the software & what does saying they didn't GET ENOUGH to do with improving the software & lastly - my remark to you GAOTD is WHY do you include these "insignificant" comments on your feedback? Why don't you just put "relevant" comments on this site & offer those to the authors of the software? Are we really that small, that comments about "free" enterprise (price) has to be considered a valid point for "IMPROVING THE SOFTWARE?" This is a VERY sad commentary on the input of my fellow beta-testers (or wanna-bees)!

Thomas Roberts , 20.03.2012, 16:31
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